So…I was talking to my friend Laura last night…and was worried about not being able to track down my visa application…I was on my way home, talking to my husband who asks “are you expecting something through Fed Ex from Washington DC?” YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!  So, I mailed it May 25th it arrived June 7th. Awesome! 13 days of wondering. It’s nice and pretty – I won’t put a pic of it up because of privacy reasons, but trust me, it’s nice 🙂

Now to the logistics of packing and what to pack 🙂


Slight Panic

So…..I had the paper with all of the shipping information on it – including the tracking number of the package that is going to be returned to me…for my Visa I had to mail it then include a self addressed prepaid overnight trackable package – preferrably Fed Ex – so I went the FedEx way…well, the past few days I’d been calling Fed Ex to track it – you don’t get a phone call when your visa’s processed, so I figured – if it was in the FedEx tracking system, I was processed…

Well, yesterday, I called..and haven’t been able to find the paper since – AHHHHH….AND, so much for the “no less than 2 days and no more than 5 days” to process your application for a Ghanaian visa…a small amount of stress because I lost the packaging slip with the tracking number and because I don’t know what’s going, tomorrow’s fast Sunday – how to formulate that into a prayer…everything’s worked out thus far – about 20 will work out, right dear reader!? 😉


Nothing too new to report.  I called FedEx to check on my envelope – it arrived in DC Thur Morn…they process visas in no less than 3 days no more than 5…so June 8th is my prospective…I dunno the right word – but it is by June 8th that I expect a package from FedEx myself 😉

Good news – I’m able to take one more bag than I thought – this means more school supplies for the tykes over yonder.

Hope you’re having a safe Memorial Day weekend. Remember what it’s for…

My boo boos

These are my boo boos. Like my bandages? Courtesy of Nurse Jane Hummer through Life Care Alliance.  Two are Hello Kitty – who I loved as a youngin – had a coloring book that bonded me and another yougin on the train to Toronto back in the day – and the other is a dude with a guitar – Nurse Jane and I agreed that looks like the guitar is stabbed through his head 😀 LOL.  

I made the appointment yesterday and arrived today at about 345 (just after school.)  We got to talking and before I knew it, it was 20 till 6 when I was paying the bill!  My right arm has….polio, yellow fever and my left arm has..Hep A and…Meningitis – I will do Typhoid orally. Damage? $495 – I called many places, that was the cheapest.  She was cool too – a hip grandma type – she reminded me of how Grandma Great may have been had she become a nurse and how my Dottle may be in the future!

On the way to my car, we passed a lady who was in Accra for 3 weeks – I’m telling ya, everyone – EVERY ONE has connections to Ghana.  Small little country with the whole world involved, I’m tellin’ ya!

OH, for the typhoid, I have a cool little bracelet to wear to remind me to take it – one pill every other day for 4 times…so – a shout out to my Bunnee. He (and I) thought I’d be home a tad sooner – the wonderful Huz that he is packed me a picnic (he was going to Westerville to ride (he has Joe’s Tri this Saturday in Cincinnati, so he’s ‘practicing’ for that) and I was going to go meet him there and read a book as he rode..I suppose I could still go and surprise him…for what? I dunno – but I could show my support 😉 ) ANYWAY – that was sweet of him, very thoughtful.

Mailed the application for my Visa yesterday…damage? $60 for application and 13 for shipping…they process them in no little than 3 days and no more than 5…I expect it should be back to me around June 4th. Everything’s falling into place…truth, after I get that – I have all I need.

Thx for reading today, comrade of mine.  I’m off!