Slight Panic

So…..I had the paper with all of the shipping information on it – including the tracking number of the package that is going to be returned to me…for my Visa I had to mail it then include a self addressed prepaid overnight trackable package – preferrably Fed Ex – so I went the FedEx way…well, the past few days I’d been calling Fed Ex to track it – you don’t get a phone call when your visa’s processed, so I figured – if it was in the FedEx tracking system, I was processed…

Well, yesterday, I called..and haven’t been able to find the paper since – AHHHHH….AND, so much for the “no less than 2 days and no more than 5 days” to process your application for a Ghanaian visa…a small amount of stress because I lost the packaging slip with the tracking number and because I don’t know what’s going, tomorrow’s fast Sunday – how to formulate that into a prayer…everything’s worked out thus far – about 20 will work out, right dear reader!? 😉