So…a common question is: What does your husband think about you going to Africa?

Well, my dear, sweet Boo is a man of few words.  Sometimes I need to collect a thought in my mind that could be swimming around in his mind and ask him..”So, (thought)___________” and he’ll agree, look at me like I’m crazy or…a plethora of outcomes could happen!  I did this one day a little while ago – I already asked him if I could go to Africa back in April – “yeah, sure, whatever.” Then, I asked him again – TWICE – before I bought my ticket – “Now, you’re SURE you’re ok with this.” His reply “YES, I already said yes. GO!”  So…I was formulating one day..”Did you say yes to me going to Africa because you didn’t really think I would do it?”  Well, I even surprised myself, so it’s no wonder he didn’t think this trip would happen.

Poor boy, he stopped asking me questions after I kept saying “I don’t know” to everything he’d ask:

  • Where will you stay?
  • What will you be doing?
  • What will you eat?
  • Who will pick you up?
  • How much will this cost?

Well…in the beginning, I didn’t have those answers.  I’ve since inquired of him why he hadn’t asked me anything further – we’ve started talking a bit more about it. He’s a doll for agreeing to ship his wife off to a far away land – though, he’s rather excited about having a month to himself – I’m sure, after those 6 long weeks, I’ll have missed him more than I can fathom at this particular moment.

The nerves are starting to set in a little bit – after all, in 2 weeks I should have

  • this
  • this
  • this
  • and this completed!

Figuring out what all of those are…well 😉 I know one is schedule a meeting with the bishop to get a current temple recommend – why I put this off so long, I haven’t a clue – I hope the Stake President has a day coming up! The second is, get another copy of that darned yellow card!

Other than that – a few items from the store, pack..and I’m gone.

You nervous with me, dear reader?