Mc D-O-N-A-L-D-S

I was chatting with my sister last night and asked her “If you were from Ghana, what would you want to see a picture of?”  Without missing a beat, “McDonalds!” I thought – oh, well – they are international.  This could be a topic of relate-ability.  Don’t know if there are any McDonalds..s…in Ghana, but sure, why not!?

So, I’m taking my photo…this car with 2 guys pulls around after making their order…they were very polite, noticing I was taking a photo, they pulled their car forward to allow me a clear shot.  I figured I owed them an explanation – sometimes I get to a-wondering what people are doing and never get my ponderings answered.  I pulled up beside them, “Hi – I’m going to Ghana on Monday…(the rest of the story.)”  The driver exclaimed “You’re going to GHANA!?”  Here, I thought he was going to make a remark about the World Cup, his response “I work with a ton of people from Ghana.” Me “Are they nice?” Him “They’re the nicest people there, aside from me!”

I’m tellin’ ya, every day I get more convinced, Ghana will be taking over the world.  And, this isn’t too shabby of a thing – they are “the nicest people in Africa” so, who wouldn’t want the nicest people from a whole continent running the world!?