3 in 1

I know! I’m crazy – three posts in one day! It’s just been that eventful!  I think I have everything purchased now – I’ve done everything but print out the photos for the photo album.  My lovely husband went to Dicks Sporting Goods and purchased my mosquito net for me, and to Costco to buy me some batteries – sweet boy!  I went to Meijers on a prompting (if I didn’t find what I needed, I’d head across the street to Walmart) HOWEVER, I found a lovely wheeled duffel bag for – you can’t even guess – $7.49! My husband asked “You had to get the ugliest one!?” My response “It’s other, more blah looking friends were $39.99.” Go me! So, everything’s purchased – YAY 😀

I think, to pack – I’m gonna sort everything – school supplies, clothing, toiletries, etc…and then spread out what I can evenly.  You know I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Maybe I’ll dedicate next week to taking photos of everything I can, then if I send them to be printed Friday – put it together over the weekend…I’ll have Monday to fester over what I forgot until I leave! 😉