Let’s start at the very beginning…(Part 1)

So, quoting from the Sound of Music! The beginning is a good place to start.  First, thank you for taking time out of your day to read my blog.  You could argue blogging is somewhat selfish….it’s a way to brag about my ongoings and a way to mass communicate without personability – however, we can all probably agree – it is the easiest to make my friends – which I consider you for treading down this path of reading – abreast of what’s going on!

So…ahh, where exactly is the beginning? Good question, really!  It all started on May 2, 1979…..well, lets fast forward a bit to April 14th, 2010. Near enough for present day for relatability, 🙂  Anyway – I’m an interpreter for the Deaf.  As part of being involved in this profession…it is advised that we belong to all of the professional organizations that go along with it.  One of them is the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, RID.  Well, RID has a quarterly publication that resembles a magazine – but there are those who vehemently argue it’s a newsletter.  To me, a newsletter is a page front and back…printed off – you could use one stamp to mail it if you fold it like a pamphlet.  Well, let me tell you!  This sucker is 50 pages plus…

I digress..I’d been getting this publication for about a year, glancing at it but never truly reading it.  I decided..hmmm, it may behoove me to actually READ this publication – so, about a month ago, early April – I decided to do just that.  I noticed an advertisement for Friends of Cape School for the Deaf. http://www.friendsofcapedeaf.org/ and I sent them an inquiry…just out of plain curiosity!

“Hello there!

I’m up-over here in Columbus, Ohio.  I am interested in your program and am curious about any opportunities you may have to volunteer in the summer.


blah blah..me.

Are your eyes tired? Maybe I should start another thing…but would you get confused? Well, remember this spot if you need to take a break, ok?

Well, a wonderful contact, Trish, gave me these websites:



Then..after a few days, this came in one of her emails:

“I just came across another organization that looks promising, the Ghana National Deaf Children’s Society http://www.gndcs.org/

Well, I’d emailed Signs of Hope…they didn’t respond. Unfortunately, their deadline for a mission trip had passed. It was back in October, I believe – what’s making this possible..*Spoiler Alert* is that upon my return from Phoenix to Columbus this past Christmas, I was awarded 2 vouchers for travel to anywhere US Airways Travels…cool.  (All thanks to some MARVELOUS parents of my husband…”In-laws” has such a negative ring to it, they’re SO much cooler than that 🙂 SO, ultimately, I owe a big BIG HUGE thanks to them for helping us get to AZ so that I could get bumped and have the curiosity enough to investigate!

So..now I’m feeling really bad..I don’t know Blog etiquette – so, continue to Part 2, k 🙂 See ya there!