Week one in review

This isn’t as interesting as when I was in a far away land….I went back the next day and did a repeat workout of day 1 – I was a little more tired, but still got it in 🙂  I’m writing smiley faces on our dry erase calendar on days when we BOTH work out, that’s kind of fun.  Saturday Scott ran 6 miles…our gym track is small so it was 72..I don’t remember how many laps – it was a horrendous amount!

I did daydream about us both going to Kona though – one of us makes it there by qualifying, the other by a lottery – then John Tesh says something about me beating Scott..or Scott beating me..whatever way 😉 Then at the end of it – “remember the couple that was competing against each other? Amanda – YOU ARE AN IRONMAN…SCOTT YOU ARE AN IRONMAN..MR and MRS KAISER – YOU DID IT – YOU’RE BOTH IRONMEN” – I’m a nerd – and considering you have to be crazy in love to do that sport – I’m not there.  With my husband, yes – with near drowning..biking from here to Grandma’s..and running who knows…to Marysville – not in love with that!   I did do a mile with Scott on Saturday then headed to the elliptical (has a tv attached..better entertainment than random traffic!) Which is ironic, I’m always teasing Scott about not being alone with his thoughts cuz he likes to always have the TV on..and in something where you should, and ultimately have to, be alone with your thoughts – I’m the one who has issues with it!

Anyway – my bear’s on his way to being an Ironman – Rev 3 is the series he’ll compete with this upcoming September. Me on the other hand, HFP..or HPF..some racing organization down here – girls only triathlons. They’re dinks – but that’s ok 🙂 250 yd (why not in meters like they do the guys, don’t know) swim, something bike, 2 mile run.  The little “Cub” I interpret for as my “job” – she wants to do a tri too – she read about it in the kids Sports Illustrated – so, you should join us – it’ll be a good year 😀