She started traveling in her 70s.  She managed to make it to most places on this earth. She kissed the Blarney Stone, visited the wailing wall in Jerusalem, rode many exotic animals such as a camel, (maybe) elephant, donkey – and of course, a horse.  She was “under fire” but was so curious she went to the door to watch. She taught me to embroider.  She loves fried green tomato sandwiches, sauerkraut, and popcorn.  She’s a fighter. She’s independent. She’s who I aspire to become, even one one-hundreth of.  She’s my great-grandmother. 

She’ll be 101 – yes, one-hundred-one years old in August.  I’m not necessarily going to Africa for her, but in her spirit.  Grandma Great fell yesterday and bumped her little noggin’ – gave me a reality check about how long I’ve been able to have her in my life here on this planet…and how numbered our days are.  She has moments of recognition and still gets excited about popcorn.  I LOVE popcorn too – she passed that on to my mom who passed it on to me.  I love my Grandma Great and worry that she’ll get promoted while I’m away.  She wouldn’t want me to stay behind, she would want me to go and have fun – but be careful, of course.  I think I’m packing more than she ever would – but it’s ok 🙂  If, in the event, she does get called to heaven while I’m away – I’m sure she’ll stop by on her way up and give me a kiss as she whispers in my ear “Remember, you’ve always been my girl – I’ll see you later. I love you!” 

Me and Grandma Great - 2004