Italia 4

In Italy, they have these fantastic blinds – we need to import and market them here in the US – I don’t have a photo – but they’re metal and close out every OUNCE of light.  You could take a nap at noon and not even know it!  I think I slept until 9-10am the next morning.  I probably could have slept more, but I was getting hot and figured I should go socialize with my new family.  I was greeted warmly, went to the bathroom – had milk, hard “toast” and Nutella for breakfast.  ..this was my first of many struggles with the milk – it was super a super sweet thing to make sure I had milk, but it was served hot…I drank it as not to offend, but it wasn’t the yummiest! 😉

After breakfast, freshening up, etc. Mr. G and I headed to the beach 😀


Welcome to the Adriatic Sea 😀 Kind of full of seaweed, but fun to be there!  There’s some story I was told – people come to the sea for help with their breathing. Something about the iodine in the salty air helps.


OH – but it didn’t stop there. Totally unaware that meals last forever..talking….various courses, I was completely satisfied after eating this up – I was, in fact, stuffed!  It was followed by zucchini, salad, other  yumminess in the form of hard cakes…roll me out of there cuz it was like Thanksgiving!
After lunch, I went back to the beach with my new little friend that I met during the meal (son of a friend of the family) – we played in the sand – he taught me some Italian in exchange for playing with him 😉  We stayed at the beach (about 10 min walk down the street from their home there – similar to my family’s lake house) – went back to freshen up before the next event.  When we were chillin before dinner, my little friend and I played Pokemon.  I have no idea what I was doing, but he said I won 🙂 I think he was being nice to the guest 😉

Dinner brought more yumminess and talking – what I’ve been missing for the past 16 years since we moved to AZ – just a bunch of family sitting around the table, munching, gabbing – just being.  I sat there for a while…a loooonnnngg while – then excused myself and had another Italian lesson with another new friend 🙂 She taught me coccinella. Lady bug 🙂 Farfalla. Butterfly. Fiori – flowers.  We hung out as the “adults” chatted it up 😉  We played games on the cell phone, chatted – at 32 I can still hang with the kids 😉

It was adorable because my hosts felt bad asking me to sleep on the pull out bed in the kitchen – to me it was just like being at home. Remember that lake house? Well, not too long ago, when Grandpa was still here – it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to have Grandma and Grandpa in their room, someone in the other bed, cushions on the family room floor with someone on them – someone on the couch, and someone in the “craft room” – it was cozy, familial. I felt completely at home here at the house on the sea – and it was a pleasure to sleep in the kitchen so the little family of mom, dad, son could sleep in the bed 🙂 I think there were 7 of us that night 🙂 I loved it!

When I woke up, breakfast of milk, toast (little 2″ by 1″ hard toasts)..and a treat of a croissant with chocolate or jam rolled up in it.  THEN, off to the beach again 🙂

The whole bunch of us went out and sat under the umbrella, sharing lounge chairs.  I took a stroll with my new aunt, it was fun. She knows some Spanish – I know some, we were able to converse just a little 🙂 We were looking for her friend who was to be at one of the nearby beaches – so, we went on a walk to find her. Gave me the opportunity to see other types of beaches….we were definitely at a family friendly one 🙂

The rest of the day was filled with reading the newspaper, basking in the sun (though my new friends made sure I stayed in the shadow because of my skin 😉 ), playing Sudoku..just chillin. I’d scooted to the top of the chair so I could share with Mr. G…..when it was time to go, he got up and FLOP..there I went – I could only laugh – how often does something like that happen – there I was just sittin waitin for further direction and CRASH – fortunately, the sand was soft and I didn’t get hurt 😉

We headed back, had a quick lunch – then headed back to Padova.  I was able to be a better travel partner this time 🙂  I saw the lagoon and soaked it all in.

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