Italia 2.2

Sooo….after we gathered on the flight in Philly, we could rest easy – right? Well….that was until someone had to go to the bathroom. It’d been a while, so – it was allowed. I told the kid (running out of ways to keep them anonymous!) he could try – see, the problem was that they were serving dinner at the time…so, he went, tried to tell the lady he had to go – she told him to go back to his place. As soon as she approached my row (I was one in front of him) he climbed over her..she yelled something at him in what we believed to be German…then he went – bladder relieved, but now stuck on the other side coming back. Fortunately, it was easier to wait on that side instead of the other side, right!? We’ve all been there, I felt for the kid.

Well, in the middle of all of this, they came by and passed out drinks and all that jazz. I was holding his drink so I got skipped. Fortunately, my sweet seat mate wasn’t thirsty and gave me her water.

Fast forward to a time when it was dark on the plane – same kid that had to pee – was very animated πŸ˜‰ FUN, but animated. Kid in front of me had enough “Amanda, can you tell __________ to shut up!” I pass the message and get the response, “Am I really THAT loud!?” Kid in front of me: “YES!! YOU ARE! SHUT UP.” It was pretty quiet after that πŸ˜€

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