Mia vita in Italia! giorno primo

Whew! I don’t even know where to start, really! It’s been almost a month since my summer adventure ended, I can’t believe it!

I (this will mean the delegation, my co-leader, and me 🙂 ) was supposed to leave on Wed, June 22. Well, we arrived at 1:30PM…that was the plan, anyway! As we were walking out the door – literally suitcases loaded and going out the door (we live about 30 mins away from the airport) I get a call from one of my parents saying our flight was delayed. We (husband and I) decided to head there anyway, we were going to stop at the McD’s for a bite. Well, while at McD’s..I get a call we’re heading to the airport anyway – then, it dawns on me..I don’t know if anyone called my co-leader! NO one had, she was already there. Fortunately, she’s cool so we just met her ASAP.

Well, after we arrived, our parent who was in charge of travel plans is on the phone with our travel agent – delayed more. So, what do you do when you have 11 bodies AND parents at the airport? Of course! You sit down and play cards. In the moment, I was not very “caring” because I did not take into account all of the other passengers as we plopped down in the common area 😀 I was wanting to go through security to get it out of the way…time kept on ticking…ticking….there comes a time when you know you won’t make it for your connecting flight. See, we were supposed to fly to Philly, then to Brussels, then to Bologna. Somewhere along the way, our flight from Philly decided to have “mechanical problems” and we were delayed until the next day.

My husband had already taken Wednesday off to drop me at the airport – fortunately, a wonderful family put me up for the night 😀 They took me in, fed me, gave me a bed – gave me ice cream 😀 On the way home from the airport, the vehicle in front of us hit a bird! There were feathers a flyin’ everywhere!

Take 2…wake, eat..head to the airport at 730. Check baggage – OH, that was something to note – we’d checked our baggage before our flight was cancelled so somehow they got it back for us and we went to pick it up. We had this awesome plan to wear bright colors so we wouldn’t lose anyone in the airport – most of our outfits didn’t get recycled 😉 Now to Thursday. Guess what!? Another delay. Fortunately, just an hour.

Baggage checked – not to security. Our plan was to send my co-leader first, she would “catch” the kids, then I would come behind scooping up stragglers along the way – OR, calming friends if they got stopped by security. We made it through pretty well – until it was time to gather your stuff on the other end. One of my ducklings had all sorts of stuff in their pockets – little candies/cough drops – handfuls of stuff! When I made it through and got myself together, this poor thing was trying to gather everything in his hands. He’d get most together, then drop something – repeat. I grabbed something big and scooped up what I could so we could get out of the way. Eventually, all 11 of us were on or way to the gate.

We took advantage of pre-boarding – OH, I almost forgot – as we were waiting during baggage check, we saw a friend I work with and her husband! We ended up being on the same flight 😀 AND, my co-leader saw her lacrosse coach, she was on our flight too!!! When we boarded, I smuggled my friend and her husband on with our group – hey, she’s pregnant! SO, fortunately, our youngest is 11 – you need an 11 year old to “qualify” for “traveling with young children.”

Boarded, got drinks..landed in Philly ok.

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