Italy, prepare yourself :)

YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! My dear sweet Buppee said ok….as long as I assure him he’ll be able to go to his Rev 3 race at Cedar Point in September. Shoot – that’s an easy trade 🙂 SO – super excited. One of the students is a student I currently see every day at work – I look forward to getting to know him better as well as the other students I will have the chance to meet.

Any ideas for a mini-camp for 11-12 year olds? I’m definitely going to pull from my scouting background for that one. Also, any sites to see that you’d suggest that are near-ish Columbus? I will keep you posted about as much as I can – YAYAYAY!!!!

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One comment on “Italy, prepare yourself :)

  1. Fantastic, Mandy!!!! You should really have an exciting trip. Enjoy.
    Love ya,
    Uncle Roland

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