Racing to Italy, Maybe…


I haven’t posted anything recently because I’ve had nothing to post!

I’ve not been the most faithful about going to the gym 6 times a week – though a week hasn’t gone by that I haven’t gone to the gym. YAY! I’m up to 50 lengths with no floating device!!! Even if there ends up being no tri in my future, I love swimming and am improving 🙂 I’ve looked into some girls only tris; the entry fee is more than my husband’s race fees! (Reason being – half the fee goes to the Susan Komen foundation(s) ) I haven’t started working on the bike or the I should probably consider doing that and incorporating weights.

On a typical day I’m able to go directly to the gym after work, do an hour on the elliptical, then join my husband in the pool. He was talking the other day about making his cardio come first because he’s experiencing fatigue after the pool – so that would allow me to add in something else too. Plain and simple – after I get wet, I don’t want to sweat again…it’s like a second bath AND I don’t want to change from work clothes to gym clothes to swim clothes to work out clothes..then to night clothes, or whatever – mainly convenience is what drives me 🙂

Umm..I finished my article for the Spring RID VIEWS and have submitted it – it is currently in the editing stage. It’s kind of stinky because I had to delete a sentence about God – that’s the world I live in I guess. I tried to be vague – actually, I won’t post the article because I just cut and paste some of my blogging blurbs, edit them – helped it fit together a little more..and there it was. After it’s published, I’ll try to figure out how to attach the link so you can see the finished product! It’s fun cuz, although I didn’t go for the fame..and fortune, lol – but I’ve been very blessed for the experience to Ghana 😀

As I’ve stated before, I’m unable to make a repeat trip THIS year due to funding – however, there is something else in the works. The classroom teacher that I work with everyday is involved with an organization called CISV – Children’s International Summer Village. Check out their website at and the Columbus chapter is no www – tried that, you get a Weebly error 😛

Anyway, I have the opportunity to be a leader of Interchange. The long and short of it is this: some kids are selected to go from 2 different countries. The first country goes to live with a counterpart in the other country and then they switch – like an exchange program for the summer. I would be living with an adult and then that adult would live with me. And Scott. Therein is my hangup. My poor husband is an introvert and supports me in any way – he’s supported many of my crazy adventures in the almost 8 years we’ve been married – but he’s not quite sure about having a 62 year old Italian man living with us for 20 days….the expense of it, and the weekend vacation we’re to take him on, and the whole comfort of it all. If Scott says ok, it’ll be my job to “chaperone” – which it would be anyway, so no skin off my nose.

I think it’d be an awesome travel opportunity – I was thinking about being a camp counselor – there ya go 😀 I love to travel – and I love being “enculturated” as opposed to just being a tourist. SO, fingers crossed he says OK!

It would involve me going to a weekend of training, running a weekend “mini-camp” and planning a “typical” family weekend vacation..but they’d be doing all the same stuff on the Italy end, an exchange of time and love for other cultures while promoting those ideals among the youth. I’ll keep you posted!


One comment on “Racing to Italy, Maybe…

  1. I’ll be pulling for you, Mandy. It sounds like a great opportunity. Scott has always been supportive, as you already have said, so it will most likely be a go. Best wishes. Love ya. So says UR (your Uncle Roland).

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