Week 2

I was counting – my hubby and I have managed to work out 12 out of the past 30 days – well, …he’s worked out more than me 😉  Each time we BOTH work out, I draw a nice smiley face on the dry erase board 😀

I’ve managed to..not conquer..but push myself to try and overcome my irrational fear of putting my face in the water. Although I breath every time (to the right) – I’m showing signs of improvement 😉  I tried breathing to the left – not as glamorous.  I did a “mini” tri in the gym yesterday – 50..or 44..it’s hard to keep track sometimes – but that many laps, one mile around the indoor track (run-walking), and 5 miles on a stationary bike.  I think this was over the course of 2 hours.  I need to add a mile running and biking and mini tri complete 😉

I was joking with my husband that he’s training for an IRONman and I’m training for a MINIman – it’s ok, you can laugh!


oops – add 2 miles to the bike.

ANYWAY – on the Ghana front – Auntie Baaba put me in touch with one of GNDCS’s recent volunteers. It’s been fun reading his blog and reliving some of the same experiences.  Makes me want to go  back 1000 times more this summer. http://jump-matty.blogspot.com/  Matt is volunteering through One World http://www.oneworlded.com/ghana.html a long and intense-ish program.  I don’t know if I ever posted this..Auntie Baaba – one of her sons WAS living in New York and he recently (maybe early Nov/late Oct) moved to Columbus.  Small world, folks.  Although I’m a patriot I’m also a citizen of a global village – it rings truer and truer as each day continues on.

To get all churchy on ya, I find myself torn between that patriotism and the knowledge that we are all brothers and sisters – whether your in Ghana, Zimbabwe, Ukraine, Japan, the US, or Canada.  We promise to be law abiding citizens – but there is a huge wedge in my soulful ponderings about the many people of the world who could use my help because even the poorest of the poor in my country have more than the average in another country.  Try not thinking about that as you play your Wii..even as I think about paying entry fees for a race for “fun” – makes me feel somewhat guilty for all that I have – but more of a reason to be thankful for all that I am blessed with.  The people I met in Ghana were so grateful – SO grateful for every little thing they had.  I need to feel the same attitude of gratitude.


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