For those of you who were just alerted that there was a new posting on my blog – my apologies. It isn’t Ghana related.  I don’t think it’s feasible for me to return this summer – although, I would LOVE to. After visiting there once and having a better sense of what the children need – I think I would be better able to prepare lesson plans and bring appropriate supplies.  BUT….. 😦 unless some random foundation is started and finds my cause worthy…it’s out of the realm of possibilities for this year – don’t think I’m giving up – I’m NOT!  I have some ideas on how to solicit funds..though it doesn’t feel entirely right…to ask for money for my own causes.  However, if someone wants to throw money at me, I won’t stop them 😉

Anyway, this new category is me following after my husband.  See, for the past two years he’s enjoyed, if you can call it that, the loveliness of competing in triathlons.  Why should I let him have all the fun?  First, I need to find one that’s on a Saturday – after that – the goal will be set.  I’ve made it to the gym a few times this past week – and I’ve started my “training.” You must understand – my husband is training for  a full length Ironman equivalent (a different organization, so it’s not called “Ironman”) so..my training..his training…HA!

I can report, on this 18th day of January – I was able to do the elliptical for an hour – 4.33 miles, and follow it up with a 1000m swim.  I did take a break every 100m because – well, I’m not an athlete!  A few years ago – I forget where..maybe the YMCA where we used to live, I couldn’t swim one lap to save my life.  Although I used one of those foamy weights between my thighs, I swam the entire 40. The goal was 40 lengths in whatever way I could.  Although MY freestyle is in no comparison equal to Mikey’s (Mr. Phelps to those unacquainted with him 😉 ) I still did it.

If you’re willing, I invite you to travel this journey with me – as a 211lb (+ or -), 31.5ish year old journeys into the world of triathlons. 🙂 Well..triathlon. Don’t plan on making a career of it – come on! I’m a band nerd, not a ..sporty lass 😉


3 comments on “…and…Athlete..??

  1. Mom says:

    Ah, you may be a band nerd, but I do remember you running track in high school…

  2. Mom says:

    AND practicing in Marching Band is no walk in the park. I remember running laps around the field when I was in band…

    • askaterp says:

      Well..we didn’t have to do laps – but it was when I was the most fit ;-)..AND softball that one summer ;-)..and don’t forget the biking to and fro Group Photo 😉 thx Mud 😀

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