Wednesday July 28th – Thursday July 29th

Ahhh…well, we set off at 9:00 AM  As promised, we drove by one of the coffins that Kofi told me about – I’d read that Ghana is known for making extravagant coffins and he noted one nearby.  We also picked up my clothes, walked around Kota Kurabe for one last time.

After we left town, we drove for a while, I was taking in my last sights of Ghana – all the while excited to be on a plane back home.  Along the way we stopped for coconuts.  Well, I was too timid to ask to try the coconut, but I did try the juice 😉  The actual coconut looked slimy – when Rosemond fed it to Papa, he spit it right out!

We continued along on our journey when Rosemond spotted her husband, Kwasi, his car!  If the truck wouldn’t have broke down just before I got there, that is what we would have been going around town in – ahh, well – at least I got to see it!  Nice blue truck with a GNDCS magnet on it.

Continuing on – we finally landed in Accra.  Dora made sure I got to see the temple – we even had to ask Joe to do a u-turn for us to go in.  Silly thing, it’s gated off.  Makes sense, really.  I was actually curious how they kept the grounds nice.  Relieving oneself in a public place and littering are pretty commonplace, so I wondered how they protected the temple from such things.  There’s a gate around it and a guard – who came out and asked why we were there.  I quickly explained I was on my way back home and wanted to walk the grounds – after seeing my recommend, he allowed it and I was grateful.  Joe and I walked around the grounds as Dora and Rosemond stayed in the car with the two boys.  I was grateful to be able to walk around.

After this – back on the road.  By now, it’s about 2-3 in the afternoon and the sun is making an appearance on my final day.  I actually got a mild burn on my right arm!  After stopping for dinner at a chicken place – going on a whim to this little hut (finding my unofficial brother-in-law his boxer shorts) we headed to the airport.  I actually made one more purchase there, and I waited for my flight.

Truth, it was  an uneventful day and, though I thought I would cry – I didn’t.  I will miss Emmanuel and Papa a bunch – but I’m excited to get back to the states.

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