Tuesday July 27

Well, today is the last day I have to fit in a ton of things.  We’re supposed to head to the beach (still haven’t been!), go to the tv station, peer at a coffin (one of the trades here – you’re a fisherman, you get a giant fish coffin! Our friend Kofi told us there was one locally that was a crocodile (normally this is seen in Accra) so I want to go see that), so shopping for souvenirs, pick up the clothes I had made, what else…I can’t remember.

Last night, we snuck out, away from the kids, and went to a restaurant on the beach – I had my favorite pop here, Alvaro, and kabobs. So tasty – YUMMY!

Umm..today, Rosemond took us to the beach.  Crazy waves – little Papa got knocked down a few times and Emmanuel loved running from the waves.  Me, well – I think I collected a cup’s worth of sand in my suit!  It was fun.  I can now say I’ve been in the Atlantic Ocean – more specifically, the Gulf of Guinea.

After the beach, we met a few kids who were selling oranges, plantain and cocoyam chips, and water.  Some other kids that were playing on the beach wanted me to buy their water – ummm….no thanks ..

In speaking with these young people, I learned that they go to school and sell in the afternoon.  One young man wants to become the president.  The other young man wants to be a soldier.  I wished them well and then we went shopping.  I managed to get all of everything that I wanted and still have some money left over.  As I was reflecting, I realized I forgot to purchase this turtle I spied for my Mom, oh well.  My eyes landed on this GORGEOUS bracelet, so I got it; black stone beads and either plastic or glass.  It was fun bartering and negotiating, but it was exhausting too!

After the beach, we went home to get ready for the TV program. Yikes!  When we got there, Dora was running a tad late – she asked us to wait to start until she got there.  It was crazy because we went on the set and briefly spoke about what we were doing and without warning, we were lived.  We managed to make it so I could interpret the program (I felt..uh..we’re doing this for the deaf in Ghana, so…we need to make it accessible since there isn’t any closed captioning in Ghana).  I can’t say it was my best interpretation, or even that I was clear in my message – but I sure tried! Every now and then the woman would ask me a question so I would have to sim-com (simultaneous communication – basically talk and sign) which was a challenge.  I realized I was more transliterating than interpreting into ASL, but..well, that’s what came out 🙂

When we got home, the little tykes came out and gave us a HUGE welcome.  Papa and Emmanuel were so excited to have seen Mommy on TV.  Emmanuel told us he called for Mommy but she was on the tele – so cute!  After de-highing from the adrenaline, we went to bed.  I was lucky because Papa and I became fast friends (he’s 5 years old) and he wanted to sleep in my room.  Needless to say, I didn’t pack because I didn’t want to disturb the little one.

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