Saturday July 24 – Monday July 26th

The long and short of the weekend is – went to Takoradi, came back 😉

Friday, as we were making the drive – Albert decided to stop for fruit.  I’m not kidding when I say there were about 10-15 women who swarmed the car.  Towards the end of the transaction, another vehicle pulled up and those who weren’t successful with Albert swarmed the new customer. Crazy. I did see a pokey fruit that looked like a big green ugly fruit.  I inquired about it later, it is an apple.

Ahh…well, I met more children and we enjoyed them.  The sleeping arrangements were at Rosemond’s father’s home – Prah.  He reminded me so much of Grandpa – I want to bring him home with me too 😀 I think I could fill most of one airplane with everyone I want to bring home – well, a small airplane.

Throughout the weekend, we still were able to hand out at Albert and Dina’s home.  The girls played with my hair – it was fun, except when they forgot it was attached to a human being, not a doll 😉  I ended up sporting a style from the 80’s with a side pony tail – really, one pig tail because the rest of my hair was down; I couldn’t go out like that, so as soon as we were out of sight, I pulled it back into a full ponytail 🙂

I was able to mark a few things off my list for the food: kenkey and shito.  I found I like Ga kenkey but not Fanti kenkey.  One reminded me of moldy bread, the other was nice.

We attempted to go to Africa Beach – I guess it’s an international attraction – I’d never heard of it.  Well, there was a wedding reception, so I didn’t get to go – still haven’t made it to the beach and I only have about 24 hours left! (I’m truly writing this on Tuesday.)

What else?  Well, Sunday I went with everyone to church and was called upon – because Rosemond volunteered me! I shared a bit about how I came to pick Ghana as my summer vacation and my role in the deaf community.  It as an opportunity to educate the congregation that deaf does not mean incapable.

The church service was one that I’m not used to – the guest preacher used olive oil and put it in his palm as he went around touching people on their heads….I got oiled 😛  It was an odd experience with people spinning around and dropping to the floor – but I’m glad I was able to share about Cape Deaf and experience with something new 🙂

The ride home was uneventful.  Papa Prah drove us to Cape Coast then took a taxi back home to Takoradi.  Ghanaians, I’ve noticed, aren’t huge huggers – but I am if I like you, so I hugged him and told him he was always welcome if he ever made it to my country 😀

Well, we had many visitors over Monday night – mostly to visit Rosemond.  Well, Little Kwame and Ama’s parents took me to their  home.  It’s currently under construction – they were building it little by little – kakra kakra – as they were renting.  HAPPEN (for my ASLers 😉 ) A flood hit where they were living so they had to quickly enclose their home and make the most of the situation.  A lot of their photos were “spoiled” but they were able to salvage some.  The water stayed in their home for 2 days before moving on its merry way.

In the meantime, they’ve grown corn, cocoyam, etc.  They’ve also had to kill a few critters that invaded their home – frogs, mice, snakes – even a cobra. Scary!

Well, that’s pretty much it!  OH, well – I sat with Rosemond and Dora as we planned out goals for GNDCS based on their experiences and my observations – they thought it’d be a good idea to head to the local TV station – so they did! They just walked in there, said “We’d like to do a program,” and it was done.  We’re to head there Tuesday to work out the details.  We stayed up late finding photos and typing an outline…let’s see if I can get out of talking 😉

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