Friday July 23

Last night, I finally got to meet Rosemond 😀 and Emmanuel, Papa, and her brother Emmanuel (there are 2 of them 😉 )  I love all of them – the two young boys are amazing.  Emmanuel is deaf and has one cochlear.  He’s starting to talk, and that was neat to see.  When Dora and Nana Kwame left Ireland back in January, he’d just started making some sounds.  Although he uses British Sign Language, we managed to communicate.  It was an enriching experience.  Papa was born in the UK, he has this adorable little accent – I would take them home in a heartbeat!  I’d better prepare Scott 😉

Today, I came to Headstart with Dora.  I was able to use my knowledge from my career in childcare and help train her staff of 6 for an in service day.  I hope they are as inspired as I always am after a training.  Just a note – you never know when an opportunity will present itself where you will be able to use all the information you’ve collected throughout your life.  I’m grateful for that chance and am happy I was able to “pay it forward” by using the knowledge I gained at Sunrise and Primrose 😀

That’s about it for today – NOW I will head to Takoradi for the weekend 😀  I’ll get to play with Papa and Emmanuel while getting to mingle and pal-around another city before I depart on Wednesday.  Cheers!

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