Wednesday July 21

I have to type really really fast because the taxi will be here i 7 minutes! I can’t harass him for being late if I’m NOT ready either!

Today was my last day – I delivered the school supplies from OSD to the school – they were extremely grateful.  Emmanuel tried to urge Madam Grace to allow for a “presentation” today instead of tomorrow since today was my last day – but they kept it tomorrow.  While I was waiting for Madam Grace to arrive, some of the younger children came to visit.  One little one kept spelling her name over and over again – I think maybe that was one of the few things she knew how to say, but – I confess – after about 5 times of smiling I just said OK every time she started.  The other kiddos checked out my veins – they thought it was odd my arms had blue lines.  I tried to show them they had veins too, but it was difficult to find one in their arm – I was pretty successful finding them in their hands.  Well, after I started showing them where their veins were in their hands, one of the young ladies took my hand and inspected it.

As I was talking to the other kiddos, I promise you – I think she licked me!  When I looked at her, she just smelled it – so now they started smelling my hand.  As the moments moved on, they examined my legs and told me they were fat – their meaning is “meaty” not skin and bones.  Then, they noticed my fat belly (my words, not theirs 😉 )  and they started poking at it.  Some pet my hair, some just poked – then they looked at my eyes (I had sunglasses on at the time.)  When I lifted my glasses they laughed when they saw my eyes.  After my eyes, they looked at my teeth.  I had a moment where I had to ask myself what I would do if they tried to touch my teeth, fortunately they didn’t go that far.

As I was sharing this later in the evening – it was pointed out to me that most of the dolls they see here are white; they were probably holding all sorts of questions in their minds since the first time they saw me.  The little ones saw an opportunity to test their theories and seized it 🙂  I’d read about things like this, but it hadn’t happened – my last day at the school I was thoroughly inspected 😀

After the math exam, I reviewed the test with the students outside.  One of the young men asked if could find time to review it with the whole class so that they could understand it.  He was adorable because he told me I would pass their test and be able to continue to the next grade.  I thought to myself “I hope so!” Though, I have no idea what triangular and square numbers mean here, because none of the answers were squared numbers…???

I passed out their goodie bags and reviewed the test.  I told them they needed to save their pencils and rulers for next year!  After we finished, I met each student at the door where they gave me a hug and a handshake.  That part was important – I remember one time a man was teaching us at the Mesa, AZ temple and he said a handshake is an eternal bond – so if I shake their hands, I will be able to find them again somehow 😀

After I bid everyone farewell, we sat in the corner and chatted – those who wanted to.  Then, Florence (I learned not Flores!) came in with Emmanuel and Madam Grace.  It was sweet – they presented me with an African style dress – with a, I forget but the symbol means that there’s no shame in learning from the past and own up to it..after that, I just chatted with the kiddos until it was time to leave.  My 2 pets, Philip and Seth – they weren’t there for me to say bye to, oh well 😦

Well, I was trying to be able to go to a session at the temple in Accra; unfortunately, it’s closed July 19 – August 2. 😦  One of the members at the Abura ward had mentioned it was closed for cleaning, unfortunately he was off by a few weeks.

Random tidbit: when we were out and about yesterday, we saw 3 sets of missionaries.  Must have been P-Day 🙂

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