Thursday July 22

Today has been a pretty low key day.  I was going to do some laundry – I was trying to figure out how much I needed to wash to get me to Wednesday when Mommy will intercept me and I can wash all of my clothes at home 🙂  There’s nothing like washing and drying your clothes, lemme tell ya!  Again, I’m grateful for the cold showers and the ability to machine wash my clothes versus a shower out of a bucket and hand washing, however, a nice washing machine followed by a dryer and a warmer than cold shower will be a nice thing when I get back to the states!

I headed to the office first, at 8:30, with Auntie Baaba; on the way, she said Kofi was going to come pick me.  (They don’t use “up” here 😉 )  So, I logged on fast to Facebook and he was there.  We went back to his home to print some pictures that I could leave with the people here, then he told me about his trip in China.  Amazing cultural things over there – different registers for discourse, different ways of handling money depending on if you’re viewed as a “waste of time,” different attitudes towards black people, etc. 

One difference in Ghana is – as I learned making the goodie bags for the students – there’s really no worrying about politically correctness because everything is accepted.  All manners of religion, dress, etc. are all accepted and respected.  There is no tip-toeing around holidays; if you want to give out a Christmas pencil, it’s fine. If you want to give out a …some other pencil, it’s fine – they’re just grateful for the pencil.  You could argue that people in the US are too sensitive, makes them grouchy worrying about being offended all of the time – or worrying about if they are offending someone or not.  People here are open, makes them free of the burden; they’re not grouchy.  

Other than that, I’m a rock star here 🙂 People say “hi” all the time, little kids give me high fives :)I don’t know how I’ll adjust back to life in the US where I’m just a fish among the school.

Anyway, so you’re updated now. I tried to change my Facebook page, too slow….now I’m starved, so I’m gonna go see about getting a snack 🙂  I finally get to meet Rosemond tonight 😀  Then, tomorrow until who knows, I’ll be visiting her brother in Takoradi.  I’ll catch you soon; wishing you the best!

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One comment on “Thursday July 22

  1. Charlie says:

    -sigh- I guess we can give you some rock star treatment when you get here…but dont expect it ALL THE TIME :p
    miss you meandy!

    xoxoxoxox X2+1

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