Tuesday July 20

Phew.  Another day of testing.  Again, I caught up on some journal entries.  After 8 years, I finally finished one journal.  I had to summarize a few places; but hopefully, my life is well accounted for 😀

Turns out, Philip was just so thrilled with out dinner this past Friday, that he likes to relive it.  He did keep saying tomorrow we’d get together, but I think he’s just telling me how he was full from the food there and how he liked it 😀

After school, Auntie Baaba and I went to the seamstress – 54 GH to make 2 skirts, 2 dresses….whoa.  Well, there is a rush to have it  by Tuesday – and she was nice, AND she said my name how I say it – most people say Ah Mahn Duh.  She said it in the nasally way we say it in the US 😀  What else did we do..we took the fabric to another tailor (tailor means boy, I didn’t know that!)  Girls sew girls clothing and boys sew boys clothing.  Makes sense, I suppose!  8 GH for 2 shirts.  I added everything up, comes to be about $10 per article of clothing.

After our outing, I went home to play with my little friends.  Today was my last day for a little while; they’ll be away till Sunday 😦  When they left, Auntie Baaba and I made the goodie bags for me to pass out at school tomorrow – my last day 😦

Then, to bed 😀

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