Sunday July 18th

I woke up and headed to church.  The RS teacher asked me some questions about the priesthood; I contributed more there than I do at home (that’s not that much though 😀 )  After church, we headed home – I don’t recall that we did much. OH, Auntie Bea came over with the children.  I got to hold this little month old baby, Kofi – Fifi for short.

In the evening, I asked Esi if she would go to town with me tomorrow so that I could exchange money – she was going there today…eek.  It’s Sunday, how do I explain myself?  Well, I just told her, I don’t do business on Sunday – she was completely okay with that; I went to visit with Auntie Rose still.  It was a nice visit 😀  She gave me some material to make a dress out of.  I told her I’d be back tomorrow to browse more 😀

Then, home. Rest. You know how it is 😉

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