Saturday July 17th

We were supposed to head to the beach, but we didn’t make it.  After a lazy morning of doing only laundry, some friends came over and took us to Hans Cottage. This guy built his hotel, got surrounded by crocodiles, decided to provide a sanctuary for them.  Auntie Baaba bought some chicken so that we could watch them be fed.

You enter thought this gate, there’s the croc – just chillin’. Maybe thinking about some tasty humans, who knows!  Anyway, we were allowed to touch it – I asked myself: how many opportunities come along where you can touch a crocodile in the United States?  I know you can wrestle them in Australia…but, um..DO IT! So, I hesitantly approached the croc..the lady was assertive – “Touch his leg!” Okay, okay – I’ll touch his leg. “Touch his back” – okay! “Touch right here, this is the sharp part that they can hurt you badly with..”  And..I’m touching it!?!?  Well, his leg felt like chicken.  If you’ve ever cleaned your chicken (whole chicken) and you’ve seen the yellow scale-like thing on the chicken leg, it felt like that.  His back felt like dry, semi-smooth bricks.  His tail felt like a dull circular saw.  When I was done, tears of relief came to my eyes!  Crazy.

Afterwards, we went on a walk around the grounds.  They have a bunny farm (though they’re for eating), papaya, passion fruit – they had monkeys before, but guest would complain that the monkeys would steal their food.  The monkeys are back in the forest and don’t come to visit much now.

We chilled by the pool where we enjoyed minerals – I discovered a new favorite pop – Alvaro.  It’s pear flavored pop; Y-U-M-M-Y!!  Then, this girl went into the pool..and..the lights went out.  Meanwhile, I was eating my first Fanmilk treat – chocolate milk flavored.  Prior to the outage, I was watching this turtle-like spider spin his web.  It was an awesome experience.  When the lights went off, I felt something.  In an effort to make sure it wasn’t the spider, I turned on the cell phone flashlight – then all the other buggies came to visit! I was so flustered I couldn’t turn it off – Rosemary urged me to turn it off; after what seemed like forever, I hit the right sequence of buttons.  She let me sit by her, she would protect me.

So, all of this was going on, the girl was in the pool…and my milk treat leaked all over my shirt.  Oh well, it was yummy.  We visited a bit more, then headed home 😀

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