Monday July 19th

Today started exam week at the school.  I was able to catch up in my journaling – finally wrote about how Scott and I met 😀 almost 8 years later 😉  The kids really just did their exams.  Nothing crazy to report.  I spoke with Madam Grace and was able to make my last day be this Wednesday, July 21st instead of the 28th (that would have been cutting it too close though, since I leave that day and we’d still need to drive to Accra!)

After school, I headed to pick up Esi so we could go shopping.  We spent some time with Auntie Rose so I could pick out some fabric to get some things made.  It was hard to choose because I’m a  pretty plain person – Ghana (Africa in general) LOVES patterns – bright patterns at that!  I did manage to pick out material for 2 skirts and a dress.  I hunted for some fabric for 2 shirts for Scott – we’ll see if he likes them.  After fabric hunting, we went browsing.  Auntie Rose told us to go to the café, told us where it is – as we approached – it dawned on me.  We were heading to the internet café.  Browse to them, meant browse the web.  Oops – I explained what I really ment to Esi, so we went shopping 😀

Then home – I think dinner was sausages and potato chips.  Some friends had come over, so we were able to hang out with them.  OH! One thing at school did happen: Philip told me that tomorrow his dad would come to school and we 3 would go to the restaurante…uh..I have plans – and in Ghana-speak, that means I’m treating them.  I asked Kofi what the proper etiquette was because I would feel AWFUL if Mr. Philip’s dad showed up after walking all that way and I wasn’t able to go – I had plans with Auntie Baaba to take our material to the seamstress!!

Well, we discussed everything over some – ahem, kellowillie. No clue, remember my forever clause – I’m excused from all Ghanaian spelling 😀  It’s fried plantain with ginger – served with ground nuts.  Not ground in a powder – from the ground. AKA peanuts.  It was very gingery, big Nana said I had to try it; not bad.  I think all I have left is kenkey and red red…just looked it up Kelewele.

We decided if I had plans, they’d be ok with that.  Till tomorrow!

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