Sunday July 11th

Woke up early enough to make it to church on time this week 🙂 Last week, I thought it started at 9, really starts at 8.  I was ready, but the driver showed up a tad late – but, don’t fret, I made it on time.  I was so exhausted though, I could hardly focus enough to keep my eyes open!  Relief Society was fun – they laugh so much here, everyone talks – different than what I’m used to.  There’s this young lady that wanted me to be her friend last week – she was there again.  She asked if I missed her….she missed me, too sweet.  Well, I start reading my Ensign and she decided she needed to look at it.  I was wondering if I would get it back!  I did, but my goal is to get it read before I leave – and then, while I’m in AZ, I’ll replace it.

Later on in the day, we just relaxed.  Took a nap. Woke up – Auntie Baaba helped me make an omlet, YUM!  Somewhere along the way, I tried hibiscus juice – made my lips burn because of the ginger, but I hoped it would calm my tummy so I drank it all.

Nana Kwame and I watched the soccer game, Spain won in case you haven’t heard 😉  I was happy because I was disappointed in the Netherlands’ display of sportsmanship.  I think that’s really all that happened!  OH, for dinner – I had to pass on part of it.  Here, they smoke/dry fish – I’m still learning the foods – but, it’d been in the bowl for a few days with many other little fishies – and the fish here aren’t cute little fillets – nope, nope.  You meet your little fishie tail and head-on.  I had potted corned beef instead 😀  I wasn’t THAT brave 😦

…I almost forgot.  I debated whether to share this with you or not…but, I decided to let you see into my soul 😉  I found my self down in the dumps this weekend.  I don’t know if it was a combination of missing Grandpa, missing US food, *sarcastically* my love for bugs, or just plain hormones – but I was just extremely homesick this past weekend.  I eventually spilled my guts to Nana – I told him that Ghana is plenty nice, but home is still home.  He understood.  SO, 2 weeks is about my limit – though I’m gonna make the most of the next two weeks here in Ghana because I don’t know if I’ll ever have an opportunity like this again – and the people here are lovely, I’d use my shrink ray gun to shrink the country so I can bring it home with me.  I spoke with Rosemond Sunday, we joked about me shrinking the kids at the school and when the airport people asked me, I’d say they were my toys – so the kids would have to make sure not to move 😉

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