Monday July 12

Well, Monday brought a day of substitute teaching.  After Kwame arriving a tad bit late, we arrived on time to find that Flores needed to head to Takoradi to aid her son.  It was show time for me 🙂  We had a productive math lesson, then it was time for English.  The exercise was to decide which sentences would use the word “by” and which sentences would use the word “with.”

1. This photo was taken ____ a friend.

2. He took it ____ an expensive camera.

3. The picture is ____ Angelina.

4. She did it _____ her coloured pencils.

5. Florence is coming _____ us to the match.

6. Did you make that carving _____ yourself or did someone help you?

7. You have to cut this meat _____ a sharp knife.

8. Do you go to school _____ bus or bicycle?

Only one student was able to answer ALL of them correctly (with the answers I thought were correct.)  Another student was able to answer 7 of the 8.  The rest of them showed no consistency so that I could be convinced that they understood the concept.  The other problem was that there wasn’t a teacher’s manual to even explain it – it was just the lesson.  The fill in the blank sort of thing.  Broke my heart.  I had to take a pause to collect my thoughts on how I could teach this concept.

I asked the kiddos if they had a dictionary – as I looked at the dictionary, my heart got the best of me.  The tears started a falling – got the students’ attention though!  I told them how I felt sad because the system in Ghana wasn’t serving them well and I can’t change Ghana.  I told them it was up to them to change education for deaf children.  I told them not to let anyone tell them they were stupid, because they are all so smart.  Then, I went on with the lesson.  I don’t have any follow up data for you because I had no idea how to grade it – there are 2 questions I felt you could use by AND with.  Afterwards, a few of the students asked why I was crying, they’re too sweet – therein lies the problem though – development of language isn’t as strong as it could/should be.

Whew, so after all of this, we dove into science; we just reviewed 🙂  Then, headed to the post office, to the “office,” and home where I was greeted by my playmates – Alice and Little Kwame.  We played Go Fish, War, and I taught them Skip – Bo.  Alice loves card games, she’s always using her noggin’ 😀

I had a nice dinner of spaghetti made with the left over corned beef, courtesy of Chef Dora (Auntie Baaba.)  Satisfied my tummy 😀  After a little tele, time for bed 🙂

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