Friday July 9th

I honestly can’t remember Thursday evening, that’s horrible – I know!


This morning I had ground up, boiled rice.  It reminded me of glue – I should have put more sugar in it 😀  After, I went to the school…we didn’t have math this morning because they have “worship” on Friday mornings.  After that, Madam Grace came to fetch me and show me around the place – mainly the computer labs.  They have a few at the main area near the dorms.  If you hike up this nice hill, they’ve built some new buildings where the vocational training is going to be. Among that, there is a room for computers.  They have the inexpensive particle board desks – I was telling them they should make sure the tray that the keyboard goes on is nice and sturdy – BAM – I broke it 😦 It was pretty embarrassing to say the least.  I apologized to Michael for making him more work!

Michael and I had a nice chat.  We talked about how the quality of education that is taking place at this particular school.  We both agree that there is not enough..effort and/or resources available to the teachers.  It seems as though, Ghana Sign Language is made up of home signs mixed in with ASL – then those home signs keep getting passed down.  The concern with this is – if a child who went to Cape Coast School for the Deaf were to meet a child that went to a different school – say from the northern part of the country, they would be able to communicate – but it would be like two different languages!

Michael also took me to watch the cultural dance practice.  A man named Hooper has taken on this challenge – they’re marvelous!…I’m starting to think this all happened Thursday – ahh well 🙂 Anyway,  the drummers were DEAF, the dancers were DEAF!  I told Madam Grace that I should try to get them some press in the US because they could tour the country.  She said, those I was watching – just in training – they’re not even part of the “real” troupe!

Somewhere in the middle of all of this, I taught science again.  We started off with the life cycle of an okro (okra) transformed into a water cycle, and somewhere we ended up on transportation.  (A young man had drawn a picture of an airplane in the sky, I still had time to kill – why not!?)  SO, each of the students went to the board to draw something regarding transportation.  SOME of them understood – others drew a clock, huts, candle, etc.  We used this as a teachable moment to discuss what transportation meant.  If  I could use it to bring you some maize, it counted as transportation 🙂

After school, we headed to Cape Coast Technical Institute for the Miss Cape Tech beauty pageant.  It was an evening of dancing, singing, loudness – and typical pageantry things that Esi was a part of.  The way I understand it, this was like Prom in the US – and, Miss Esi won 😀  Her family could hardly believe that this soft spoken, mouse of a young woman did everything that she did in order to win the competition 😀

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One comment on “Friday July 9th

  1. CK says:

    Wow, you wrote alot of stories!! It is LONG!! 🙂 VERY IMPRESSED!! Lol!! 🙂 😉 😀

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