Thursday July 8 (Part 2)

So, I’ve been here a week – 3 to go; I’m not counting down like you do for the last day of school, but I’m definitely keeping track!  Before I babble about my day, I’d like to share some of my recently gained wisdom with you.  Other than the taxi fare – I’m grateful to Kristen for suggesting baby wipes.  Although I’m way spoiled with running water and a shower, it’s cold – the wipes allow me to freshen up before bed 😀  The other thing I’m grateful for is that I brought is toilet paper.  Although Rosemond reassured me that Ghana had toilet paper – it is one thing to have it and another to supply it 😀   The last thing I’m grateful for is the Deet.  My “little sister” Esi, (I spelled her name wrong before), she asked if I had plenty because she’d like to keep it when I leave.  She absolutely HATES mosquitos.  I honestly thought the people here were immune to their annoyance, so I was trying to figure out where to donate that – I’m down to feminine supplies and sunscreen (to figure out where to give it.)

Anyway, I’m grateful for the Deet spray because there are ants and odd sorts of non-US native buggies.  Last night, I saw some on my shelf where I keep my things, so I decided to spray.  This morning, I was flossing my teeth with my most marvelous Reach flosser and it tasted funny – yup, you guessed it! OFF – you ever tasted that stuff? I mean REALLY tasted it, whoa – I reached for that baby wipe Kristen suggested and cleaned my flosser (and my tongue) – I don’t think it was toxic enough to follow poisoning protocol, but it surely woke me up.

Going back to the toilet paper – I headed to the bathroom, imagine you just went swimming.  You head to the bathroom at the pool, lake – whatever you’re water pleasure – you get your suit off, then you pull it back on.  You know that feeling?  That’s Ghana.  You’re here with me if you can imagine that, if you will!  Constant stick 😀

Along with learning about this stick – I’ve discovered a gift that I didn’t know about; I don’t think any of you know about it yet either!  When we were in Accra eating my fish lunch, I headed to the restroom – after tracking down some TP I was able to go to the restroom.  After I washed my hands, I went to join Dora and Kwasi – ummmm…..I was locked in! I had to wait until someone walked by (I could see out of this small crack) and then said “HELLOOOO!!” and knocked on the door.  The man felt so bad 😉

Today, I pulled the door closed, finished…ready go back to the computer…..uh..I can’t get out!  I hear people and knocked on the door..yup, my gift is getting locked in the bathrooms here in Ghana.  If I don’t come home, please put out an APB to search all of the bathrooms here, that’s probably where I’ll be.

Some other random tidbits to share: When I was at the Cape Coast castle, there were a lot of soldiers there for the funeral.  The man was a member of the fire service personnel as well as a priest.  Well, the soldiers went on the tour with me (Dora was surprised they let me go alone because a while back a man attacked a white woman out of rage, he was so overcome with emotion, he just attacked her – I wasn’t attacked, thank goodness!)

Well, anyway, we’re walking out of the dungeon and someone says “Are you a Mormon?”  Talk about random.  How often to you get asked that!?!?  I told him yes, how did he know that? He said a Mormon knows a Mormon – turns out, he’s a temple worker – Brother Holm. He got a little miffed I didn’t understand him clearly, but he got over it and was pleasant.  This was the same trip Felix wanted to be my friend.

Many Ghanaians want to be my friend.  I never know if they are hoping I’ll “send for them” or if they’re hoping I send them something..or if they just want to be my friend.  Some pre-teens at the Baka Tue festival the other day were giving me eyes..they wanted to be my friend too.  Today when I was being befriended at Cape Deaf, it came out that they thought I was 21.  Dora’s neighbor, Mark, is from the UK.  Yesterday when the three of us were chatting, he shared that he thinks the novelty of his presence has worn off because he doesn’t get many women asking to be his friend.  Dora said she’s caught some people giving him “eyes.”  He shared that a man will offer him his daughter – who’s ONE.  Mark’s 34, he just laughed as he shared his stories.  He landed in Ghana because he met a Ghanaian woman in the UK, they had a son, now they’ve split.

Another tidbit, when Kwasi and I were eating at the restaurant, he asked me if I took B.A. This was an out-of-the-blue question, but I figured he was curious because his wife, Rosemond, will be coming down in a week or two.  I said yes, then he said he’d order me a BA….LOLOL BEER!  I had to tell him no, I don’t “take beer” – I did consider bringing that for my Mom, but..if I wouldn’t buy it for myself, I probably shouldn’t buy it for her 😉  If she would just go work for Nestle like I told her, she could come audit the plant here in Ghana and get her own Ghanaian beer (I read about it – said it’ll either take the hair off your chest or put some on – I’d rather not 😉 )

Well, I suppose ’tis time. Tomorrow we’ll to see Esi dance, Saturday in the morning – Nana Kwame and I are going to attempt to make it to the canopy walk EARLY so we can see the monkeys (like 6am).  We were going to take a nap and then go to the beach, but there is a wedding at their church – weddings here are like open houses, from how it was described to me!  Then, somewhere along the way I’ll need to do laundry.  Sunday will be church and visiting with Auntie Rose (Dora’s big sister) and relaxing..then Monday will be here before I know it!

It’s been fun, hope you laughed.  I get told I laugh a lot – I told Phoebe – there’s so much in the world that can bring you down so make it a point to see the joy and humor in things.  That saying you see on all the home decor nowadays is true.  Live. Love. Laugh.  Be sure to laugh for me today, okay? Memo Aha. (My spelling 🙂 )

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