Monday July 5

Whew, so today was my first day at the school.  Kwasi came to take me so that we would be able to make introductions and be on our way for the next 2 weeks. Well, two and a half.  Breakfast was a sort of Panini thing – bread with veggies in it.  It was…different 😉

When we arrived at the school at about 10 in the morning, the head mistress wasn’t there – but her assistant was.  Madam Grace talked briefly with us and showed me to my “post.”  I was able to sit in the back corner and observe. Kwasi felt it was best that I observe for a week, then teach next week – though, I told Madam Grace after he left – if there’s a need that I can fill, by all means let me.  I have limited time left and would like to use it as best as I can.

As I’m observing the classroom, I was able to get a science book – as I’m reading the book, it seemed equivalent to a second or third grade book in the US.  I sat back an analyzed this – is it because it’s Ghana, because it’s a deaf school; why his this curriculum so elementary?  The last hour of the day the teacher let me interact with the students.

When we got back to the house, we started some laundry.  This washing machine is a wee bit different – you wash, rinse, drain – transfer it to the next side, then hand your clothes on the line.  It was hilarious watching Kwasi try to figure everything out.  I think he used too much soap, but I’ll be clean – AND, we didn’t exactly “rinse” my clothes, we just spun them….so, we’ll see how good I smell 😉

For dinner I had a nice surprise of hotdogs and french fries 😀  I think they think I’m supposed to eat a horse because I had half a plate of french fries and 4 hotdogs! Dora didn’t think that was enough and said I needed a vegetable too – I told her everything was fine, normally I’d only eat 2 hotdogs, so the extra 2 take place of the veggies 😀

I’ve been able to Skype with my family – so this evening I was able to do a 3-way call between – well, maybe it’d be considered 4-way – between my sister, mom, and husband.  It was fun.  Then, bed 😀

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