Wednesday June 30 (Part 2)

Hello! Sorry these are all out of order.  I saved this one cuz it’s a little bit long.  If you know how to order them, let me know 😀

SO, Wednesday we were at the mall and who did we bump into? Two missionaries from Boise, Idaho ( Singles Ward flashback), Elder and Sister Maughan.  Elder had a band-aid on the side of his face – said it was a flesh eating spider. That makes me excited to be here! Shortly after our meeting, the mission president approached.  He said Elder Chambers (from the Powell ward) was one of his.  I learned later, the president was heading home the next day – probably why he wasn’t too chatty 😉  Well, we continued around the mall and Dora called Kwasi to see where we were. It was funny because we just noticed that she walked into the mall and were laughing because she didn’t notice us!  Kwasi was a patient man walking around the grocery store – again – with two women.  When we were killing time, I walked around looking at all of the different products.  I saw the Milo, and some other random things.  I think it would have been cheaper to raise money and then buy school supplies here – you live and learn!

After we were finished walking around the grocery store, we headed to one of the artifact markets.  It had tons of stuff.  Truly, the whole city of Accra reminds me of a state fair with vendors and small booths selling things.  A lot of the items are the same from booth to booth, but occasionally you stumble across a new something-or-other.  I think one of my favorite things that I have seen are the paintings.  They paint on cloth and they look similar to a painter Scott and I discovered on the cruise we took a while back – Emile Bellet if you’re interested.

After the market, we stopped for lunch.  Now, Nana (Dora’s son) told me I had to try the grilled fish.  How many times to you hear “Don’t buy meat off the street!” Well, I’ve learned this past week, Auntie Baaba (Dora) is just as picky as I am 🙂 So, she picked us a nice one…and I ate it with rice.  There was a spicy garnish that I had to stay away from.  I’ve never eaten a fish that was looking at me (apologies to my vegetarian friends!)  However, I had to be brave for Nana and for my Mom….I think Mom’s tried everything underneath the sun!  It was actually “quite nice” as they say here.  After I told my brain to get past what I was looking at, I was able to enjoy it.

Well, they were dismantling the fish’s head…uh……well, when in Rome! I saw something that looked gross….I learned later it WASN’T was actually ginger 😀 I’m so silly, tee hee.  So, the dissection continued and, cut to the chase – I tried fish eyeballs. The first one tasted like dirt.  It brought back a memory of dissecting the pig in 7th grade when we got the eyeball and it flew across the room – my proudest 7th grade accomplishment 😉  Anyway, the second one – it was slimy…pleh.  I can say I tried them anyway.  Kwasi remarked how I ate my fish in an interestingly clever way – they were eating theirs with banku.  Since I had a fork, I pulled off the meat along the bones and a skeleton was left.  Maybe I should have warned my veggie friends to skip the rest of this post 😉

Anyway, we walked around more – went to buy a washing machine and waited in the store for…a few hours – well, maybe 2.  I was able to peer out into the street and observe the interactions between everyone out there from an inside view – reverse fish tank!  When the driver came, we all piled in and headed to Esther’s office where we picked up all my baggage – still in tact.

It took FOREVER to get out of Accra.  You can either a) dodge traffic or b) dodge potholes.  We chose A.  I commented – I don’t think I’ll ever complain about a pothole again 😀  Dora bought plantain chips – one ripe and one not ripe..they were yummy.  Finally, though I had to go to the bathroom, I was able to doze off…the 2 times I happened to wake up, my eyes fell upon a church meeting house.  We made it to my new home and tried to call my husband (this is all explained in another post – July 1st).  Unfortunately, I was unable to get a hold of him because the phone would hang up after 4 rings meaning I couldn’t leave a voice mail.

Poor Dora felt so bad because when we got here the water wasn’t running, the internet was down, I couldn’t get a hold of my husband; but at least she had a new washing machine!

That was my first day in Ghana 😀

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One comment on “Wednesday June 30 (Part 2)

  1. Mom says:

    Well, Baby Girl, I have not tried everything under the sun – at least not yet…

    Love – the Mud

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