Friday July 2 (the BIG game)

Well, I started off a bit late for the morning.  Kwasi showed me around Cape Coast.  Cota Crabbe – that’s Amanda spelling 😀  He shared a story of how there used to be a pond in the center of town that crabs lived in, so the translation is “crab pond.”  I like Cota Crabbe better 😀  We drove all over – to the bank, passed by a funeral (reminded me of a New Orleans type of funeral), then he took me to the castle.

5 July – I forgot, in the morning, we took a young gal, deaf – to register for a computer course. I didn’t know if she signed or not because Kwasi was just talking to me – and when Amina and he spoke, it was more gestural.  Well, part way through the meeting, turns out – she does sign! SO, I interpreted the meeting for her.

Later on when we were at the bank, I notice a man wearing a shirt that said “Ghana National Association for the Deaf” ..or something like that.  A lot of people here just have random shirts, so I wasn’t sure if it was a random shirt, or he really was a part of the association.  Well, he caught me looking at him and said “Hi” so that spawned a whole conversation.  Right time, right place 😀

Admission for him was about $2…for me, because I’m not a local – about $7!  Zeesh!  Anyway, I walked all around this castle with a tour guide.  Cape Coast Castle was one of the main “suppliers,” if you will, during the West African slave trade.  The castle was huge but open in the middle.  The only similarity between it and Casa Loma is that it is a castle.  Again, I’ll post pictures when I get back to the states – don’t know if it will be a photo album or if I’ll insert them into individual posts where they belong.

I went out to meet Kwasi..he wasn’t there.  I took the time to walk around again.  There is a beautiful view of the beach.  I tried to time it so I could get the waves crashing on the coast.  There were also fisherman, just like the pictures you’ll see if you google it.  And, of course – there were a few gents playing “football” on the beach, so I had to “snap” that.

Afterwards, we headed to exchange my money.  Kwasi tried to get me a good rate but was unsuccessful (by his standards) and we ended up with 14.3$ – just to give you an idea; so for my $100, I got 143 Ghana Cedis (GHC.)

After this, we headed back to the house.  The middle is a blur, I’m sure they fed me – OH, yes – let’s see if I can remember – I had Willie (my spelling) which is..colt.., Waakye which is rice and black eyed peas, gari which is cassava that is grated and cooked in palm oil..and one of the family friends stopped by and shared her fish and banku (smooshed corn that is like a play-dough) with me.

THEN, Little Kwame, Alice, Bea, and Mustasa came over to watch the match between Uruguay and Ghana.  Sad to report Ghana got the boot – BUT, they played better than anyone expected.  They certainly gave Uruguay a run for their money and took it to a shoot out (that’s what I call it, anyway!)

Then, bed 😀

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  1. Anitha says:

    You’re doing an amazing job with your blog! Keep it coming!

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