Sunday July 4th

So, in my country, today is Independence Day.  The first one I’ve missed, I sort of feel empty without being there!

Anyway, today I went to church.  I re-met Frank Addoo, so a shout out to him.  I was a naive spoiled brat to underestimate the church out here.  The members are just as, if not more, faithful. They visit the same, laugh, have fun together.  Their testimonies are the same.  The priesthood even bands together to mop up the floor when the baptismal font overflows into the hallway.  Fortunately, they have tile so it was a somewhat easy clean up.  Then, after, I went to the family’s church.  It was loud, but still focused on Jesus.

July 5, 2010 – I forgot to add, one of the missionaries I spoke with that was there – well, I was speaking with him and he had an accent, so I figured he wasn’t from the States.  Turns out, he’s from Dayton!  I may get his number and, per his request, call his family when I get back into the country.  Small world. Small, small world!

After church, the family stopped at the street venders and bought corn and some other things.  When we made it home, I helped make fufu then helped stir banku – it was like stirring glue.  I don’t have the muscles to be a Ghanaian!

After dinner, I was zonked so I sat on the couch until Essie summoned me.  Her friends wanted me to teach them salsa, um..I only know swing!  Well, after that, one of them wanted to braid my hair 😀 After that, we went on a walk to take the 2 friends home – it was dark and I was scared of snakes and getting stolen. Well, more so the snakes…we sat and visited with the family.  It happened to be that it was the Pastor’s home from that morning.  They asked me about my church, and I told them what I could pull out of my brain in the moment 😀 Basically, I referred to the 13 Articles of Faith for guidance – no wonder we have them 😉

Then we walked somewhere…I couldn’t abandon the group cuz I didn’t know where I was! 😀 Anyway, I felt safe with Nana Kwame and Essie.  Finally we headed home, all safe and sound. I told Nana/Kwame/Nana Kwame that I didn’t wanna make it a habit 😉


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