Wednesday June 30

I woke up at the crack of dawn.  Esther urged me to go outside and have a look.  I made a new friend who said he was a prophet.  Nice, he wanted to take me home and make me his friend. I said I needed to get back 😀

Breakfast was bread with avocado. Kwasi had a drink that he told me was Minnow. I told him that was a fish. I told him how we spelled it, oops – he said Milo, not MiNo. 😀 We headed into town where Esther dropped us off at the mall. She would drive to work with my baggage and it would stay in her car till we got there…sure, what choice do I have, right?

We walk around the mall – just like a US mall.  A Hello Kitty watch is about 75 Cedis.  He said that translated into $5. Well, I learned later – it’s more like 1.5 USD to one GHC (Ghana Cedi) I got 134 GHC for $100.  We met Dora, she was lovely!  Kwasi wanted us to take the Tro tro, but she saved me, so we took a taxi.  The taxis are basically cars from the early 90s and typically seem to have about 200,000km on them.

We walked around Accra (we were waiting for a driver who works with Dora’s school – Cape Coast University).

Pause, time for bed 😀

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