Tuesday, June 29th

So, when we landed – I found I had to go to a different terminal, so I rode the bus there. The bus driver was CRAZY! At one point, I thought we were going to hit another car…then, it dawned on me – LEFT side! The driver was still crazy though 😉  I took this photo for Bunnee because he loves Gordon!  Anyway, got off the plane..went through security AGAIN and it was hot HOT!  After security, you have no idea where to go…I was so confused and had to go the bathroom which my brain function!

Anyway, I figured out to go downstairs. I tried to use the internet they have set up for you there but it wouldn’t accept my payment 😦 Oh well!  They don’t post your gate till about 1 and a half hours before your flight.  It was crazy..and I was sleepy 😉 I walked the airport, HUGE, and looked for 2 chairs that didn’t have an arm rest – I was successful and was able to nap.  That was, until a little goober started talking.  She was about 1 and so cute, so she’s off the hook!  I decided to head to check to see if my gate posted.

It said we were boarding..but not where ? Well, I finally found my gate…time came…had to take another bus to the plane.  I wasn’t sure my suitcase was going to fit..but I lugged it up the stairs.  Yeah, didn’t fit – but I got to check it in, so that was nice.  I had a window seat, that was nice too 😀  I sat next to a man named Edward..he was nice, LOL.  I couldn’t focus on the movies this time, I started nodding off.  It was time to give in to sleep 😉

Flew over the Sahara

So, as we’re landing, the windows fogged up – wow. Wow, it’s THAT humid.  I walk down the stairs…and the entry was all decked out in Ghanaian colors to support the team.  They LOVE their team here. It’s awesome to see how much they support their team.

More later, my small friends are summoning 😀

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