Thursday July 1 – MIA

This is a modified excerpt from a letter to Bishop answering his inquiry about my arrival.

…Thank you for taking care of my husband.  Due to the time difference and the distance between….I lost my thought because I saw Scott was online so I just skyped with him.  I tried calling last night but the phone wouldn’t let it ring more than 4 times so that I could leave a voice message.  On the way from Accra to Cape Coast, I saw 2 meetinghouses.  This morning I called the first Bishop (Pres. Welch had given me the name of 2 bishops out here) and I had typed the number wrong.  I called the second and he said he’d try to swing by.

After I hung up with Bishop Davies I went outside…and Dora said I had a call…?…It was Elder Saunders calling on your behalf for Scott – they were trying to find me as well. As we were on the phone, Dora said “Amanda, these two boys are members of your church”…I hung up and we talked. They’ll meet me at church on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the couple missionaries called me back because they were close…we walked a short way to find them; they took me to the church and gave me some tips.

I arrive home..and within a short time, Bishop Davies and one of his counselors arrived.  Who would have thought that on my first day in Cape Coast I would have so many visitors.

I truly felt loved… I don’t doubt Scott’s love for me….the past 24 hours have been such a HUGE testimony builder – only the Lord’s church and Heavenly Father could be so organized – this was all in the matter of 4 hours!  Makes my eyes well up, even know – as soon as Elder and Sis. Maughan arrived I couldn’t hold back and the tears started coming.  The counselor said “the church is the same everywhere.  We are a family.  We hear you are hear and take care of you just as we would hope you would take care of us.”

Bishop,  I feel that my mustard seed just quadrupled in size.  How can anyone say all of this is just coincidence…and that I felt at peace the whole time? They can’t.  I was being cared for and taken care of and I know the rest of my stay here, though I’m already EXTREMELY homesick ;-), was and will be blessed.  I hope this shows the family I’m staying with that this is the restored gospel – Kwasi said he’d never made it to my church, I told him he should and should come with me!  Then, Dora (after I explained ward boundaries, etc) said she’d only ever gone to the closest church to her – I told her she could come too!  There are 5 wards in Cape Coast.  Elder Saunders said there are 66 missionaries here – and that Africa is just eating up the gospel.

My point?  I am learning from them, they, I hope – will learn from me  – we’re woven in a way that we are interdependent.  Bishop Davies was cute because, although I am not in his boundaries where I’m staying, he joked saying maybe I could bop around and go to his ward as well – we’ll see.  He also volunteered his counselor to take me around “And because it is a member of the church, you know you are safe.” I know, still proceed with caution – but if the Lord has called them, and I’ve prayed about it – who am I to second guess the Lord?

Sorry for the long winded-ness. I, without any doubt in my mind, body, heart, and soul know this is Jesus Christ’s church and I truly felt like my Father was looking out for me and that feeling was so powerful.  The heavens opened and I was embraced like I’ve never felt before.

I’m not one to spew forth and wear my “religion on my sleeve” – but how can I not!?


I want this to be indented because it’s an addition. Among all the chaos, my Buppee was worried about me and stayed on contact with my Mom.  If it weren’t for Bunnee, I wouldn’t have met the missionaries. SO – my family loves me. I KNOW that 😀 I love them TOO!

SO – Thursday was a very busy day 😀  I met Brothers Addoo and Kofi simply because they were installing a washing machine.  Bro and Sis Maughan drove me to the church house where I was able to talk to Scott one on one.  When I skyped with him, his worries had faded.  For breakfast this day, I had cornflakes drizzled with evaporated milk that I later put water into….then for lunch I had chicken, a cabbage salad, and a scoop of rice. Then, dinner was yummy thin waffles that when cut, are the shape of a heart.

Together with friends, we watched the US vs Ghana soccer game that was re-airing.  I met some of the friends of the family and their little ones. One of the small boys seemed scared and snuck in an opportunity to touch my foot, it was cute..the “white make-up” as he may have seen it didn’t rub off.

I know, for now – I’ve left off a day, I hope I’ve given you enough to keep you busy! Check back later, I hope to be caught up!

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