Monday, June 28th

So, I packed for about 5 hours.  Who knew it would take so long?  When I go to Grandma’s it takes about 15 minutes! I ran into troubles with the weight.  I unpacked everything, then repacked leaving out the spirals and the packages of paper.  That made me sad – I was determined to take it  😦

When we got to the airport, each bag was a smidge over.  I had planned on taking some clothes I was just going to donate to Goodwill – but I left those behind.  I also left behind my body wash! I  had put the candy in there and went to take it out when the lady said “You have to take the candy!” That stuff weighed 3ish pounds!  The two checked bags weighed 50.5 each.  The carry on was about 40 (hope not more cuz it wasn’t supposed to be) and I think my backpack was near that, believe it or not!

After I checked in, Bunnee (Scott, my husband) waited until I went through security, just in case I had to leave something behind.  I made it to Philly a tad late.  When I was booking my ticket I contemplated taking the first flight out of Philly in case some were canceled – turns out, the flights I would have been on were canceled due to storms.  I was able to make it to London without any problems.

During my flight, I had the luck of sitting next to a 20 yr old boy who was by a 19 yr old gal, and on the other end was this poor boy who was trying to get the girl’s attention but, poor thing – the boy next to me ended up all cuddled up with her by the end of the flight.  Who knows, maybe Theo and Jamie will get married!

They fed us dinner, I watched 2 movies: Dear John and Couples Retreat.  I tried to sleep but just couldn’t.

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