One more week

$4,163.28 is what you’d be paying if you were at the same stage of my journey as I am.  Which is..waiting. Time keeps on ticking, oh so slowly yet oh so very fast!  This time, next week – I’ll be at the airport waiting to board my first plane. 

The only things I have left to do are to take my photos, maybe get some special little somthings, and figure out how I’m going to handle the money issue. (Traveler’s checks, visa debit card, that sort of thing.) 

With me leaving next week, it’s spawned a bunch of lunch/dinner dates. I apologize if I haven’t been able to fit you in! I went the group route – one this evening – though it’s my normal group – one group on Thursday.  Yeah, that’s really all I have to talk about today.  I love all of your feedback – I have tons of tips from making an extra pocket inside of my bra, taking a money belt, using my sock – love all of your tips! 

I think I’ll leave you to ponder now – the left side of my face is numb up to the top part of my ear, just below my jaw, just behind my ear to the right of my nose…and I need to scoop the litter boxes because one of the cats just uses it – too bad the number didn’t numb my sense of smell! 

Sorry there’s nothing exciting to report – but ONE WEEK! That’s pretty exciting 😀 

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One comment on “One more week

  1. Isaac Baidoo says:

    Hi Amanda:

    It was a pleasure reading your blog. You are very well prepared for your trip and I am sure you will have a wonderful time in Cape Coast.

    Go Devils!

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