I was so sad to find out, I really did donate my pink backpack.  It had sentimental value because my husband purchased it for me to get me excited about going back to school (way..way back when I returned to ASU to finish my BS). SO, we found one at TJ Maxx and Scott also found a money belt – I figured it wouldn’t be a horrid idea if I had add $27 to the running total.

I’m kind of sleepy after a busy day – the heat wipes me out – I hope I’m full of Ghanaian energy so that I’m not a slug when I arrive.  Anyway, my point if mentioning my lethargy is – if I pep up, then I’ll start the sorting process.

Thanks for reading! I love when my stats are above zero! I also love comments – though, one of my loyals, Heather – informed me wordpress was throwing a temper tantrum when it came to commenting; so, if you’re able – just a”hi, how ya doin” or whatever your thought may be!  Makes me feel good – I have a secret dream that this blog gets discovered and I can become a movie like Julie and Julia.  I wouldn’t know how to handle the fame though, so it is better as it is – but don’t stop reading!

Ciao, friend!

OH – PS a shout out to Angeli for suggesting: drink mix, a multipurpose shawl, dental floss, and many other useful tips! YOU ROCK!

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2 comments on “Backpack

  1. Austin says:

    Great post. I remember when I finally had to throw out a backpack i had for several years. I’m a backpack fiend, actually. I love bags. Finally got an Osprey daypack that I absolutely love. Just took it to D.C. for three days and by back loved me for it. Good luck!

    • askaterp says:

      Thx Austin! Mine’s a High Sierra “loop pack” – though I can’t tell you what that means 😉 I know I have 2 small compartments I can access from the top that I’m excited to use. Thx for the luck, and all the tips! I think I’m going to incorporate every single morsel I’ve acquired along this journey!

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