Oy Vey!

Whew, today was a busy day!  After farting around on the internet – I tried to use “Gravatar” to make a photo of me – well, unsuccessful.  If you look at my post “Grandpa” I’m next to him in the black shirt – that’s me 😀

SO, I went to the doctor for normal labs – and my BP was GREAT! Last time, at the beginning of the appt it was 145/103 then dropped to 134/95 or something like that.  It was a stressful day I suppose – new doc, Gma was going into the hospital the next day, life 😉 WELL, today it was 114/75. Rock on! Weird confession – I read a few verses from my scriptures before I headed in there, and the nurse was nice, and I must have just been in my happy place 🙂

After the doc, headed to Life Care Alliance. Now, you loyal readers – I’ll give you ONE guess.  If you guessed…to get my YELLOW CARD, you’re right 😀  She was baffled, in an angelic way, how I lost it.  I told her – after I confessed and recounted the details of the scene moment by moment, I felt like I disappointed my hero.  She said, in a way one would lovingly scold someone to teach them responsibility (this is not verbatim) “I don’t understand how it got lost” … “that’s why it’s yellow.” SO, ego bruised but I survived and NOW have the yellow card. I should tatoo it to my bum, though I doubt the Ghanaian authorities would accept that as proof – and I don’t know if I want to carry that around with me for the rest of my life – for one thing, it only lasts 10 years – for another, yellow JUST isn’t my color 😉

After going to Life Care Alliance (who, by the way is responsible for our Meals on Wheels program if you’re interested in community service!) I met my dear Boo for lunch. THEN, headed home – compiled the list under “Packing List”…dawdled..then headed to Walmart to purchase what I could.  Couldn’t find 2% Hydrocortizone cream – I’ll go back and get the 1%. The other things I’m lacking are batteries and the mosquito net.  I was surprised how much the camping area actually had.  They had water pills – one pill per litre and $5.88 for 25 quarts.  They also had a net that goes around your head like a bee keeper – I passed on that one.  I also purchased a smaller poncho for, I believe it was $4.88 as opposed to 2 for $0.88.  I got water shoes instead of taking flip  flops – $7.00.  I feel like a MasterCard commercial!  What else significant? 

OH, well – before Walmart I stopped at Target to pick up the rest of my malaria pills – go back a few posts and it was going to be about $90.  Came to $56.47 and I had the $10 gift card from the first 10 because it was a new prescription – so, $46.47. Nice, right?

So, back to Walmart – got a wind up flashlight – the man, Ershel – was so cute. “It has a radio – I don’t know if they have radio stations out there, but you’d get them – AND you can charge your cell phone on it!” So cute! Men and their toys! That was $8.88..no $8.68. Playdough in a 5 pack is cheaper than buying it individually – $1.98 for 5 as opposed to $0.98 each. Melissa had ..no Nana had stated they like Playdough – so, that was a nice buy. Can you believe Walmart was sold out of white chalk? They only had colored..so, instead I bought a 52 piece colored sidewalk chalk – for black boards and whatever 😉

I’m going to be a scientist and conduct an experiment with packing – if you have any tips, send them my way! Instead of buying these decompressing air bag things – I bought giant ziplock bags. They’re HUGE – actually, looking at the box, they are Hefty brand. I figured I could put my clothes in there, use the air pump we have for our air mattress and suck the life out of my clothes…I’ll let you know how it works.

I was also able to find a 3 in 1 – shampoo, body wash, and …? OH, conditioner – BUT, it was for a man. So, I got Suave 2 in one and figured, oh well 🙂 Yeah..I got some other things too – I’ll post a photo for you – feel free to ask questions – but don’t make fun! I need everything – according to my husband I’m not taking enough!  After all, he says – I’ll be gone for a whole month. He’s adorable!

Just realized – the play dough is in a 4 pack – but still, half the price! If you click on the pics, I just learned this – makes it bigger in a new window for you. Enjoy 🙂  Grand total at Walmart was $156 if you’re keeping a tally.  We broke the 3K mark..so, roughly will be about 5K – shoot – I’d better not make a habit out of this!

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