Time to focus!

So, today was the last day of *school* YAY!  now, to focus on all the little tid bits of the planning. Disappointing news – didn’t find my yellow card 😦 *crying* SO, I just hope they’ll re-issue one!

Shout out to my peeps at the Ham.  First – for my birthday, they made a donation to Signs of Hope International – way cool because that’s one of the organizations in Ghana that work with the students out there. Second – awesome end of the year gift – totally unexpected.  Super nice photo album to chronicle my trip, a gift card to get some reading entertainment for the airplane, and dinner with R, on them! Super nice, can’t wait to use it all.  Everyone’s been SUPER supportive and encouraging.  Love ya!

I think I had something else – OH, yeah – the Malaria pills – my prescription was for 40 (2 days before, the duration, 7 days after return) – however, insurance only lets them do a month at a time..so they flip-flopped it – the first shift was/is 10 pills $54.07 (with insurance!) and in about 8 days or so, they’ll be able to fill the remaining 30.  Target pharmacy – who knew! The second 30 will be about $91. Yikes, right?

Gonna go play with my Bunnee…maybe do some chores! Catch ya later!

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