Wow. So, I thought it’d be a nice idea to *borrow* Mom’s info and make the booking online, then pay her back when I made it out there  – guess what! I can’t book online anymore 😀 Wonderful. I call BA USA..somehow end up in UK…yeah, so 2 countries forbid travel booking via tele – credit card…and now online…..I understand. I really do…

I re-call AAA….first, the lady was a snot then she put me on hold. Meanwhile, I look up travel agents and find Polaris Traveler…..I’ll give it a go. No one in the office today can help me, the lady will be there Monday and not even sure she CAN help me.  Right now I’m on hold with BA (hopefully USA cuz the UK GENTLEman said they could help me better than he could). A trip to Chicago or Detroit is almost in the near future – those are the nearest BA offices. Nice, wonderful, lovely. Zeesh.  I don’ t know if this is a “test” or a “warning” – however, I still feel at peace – so I must be in for something amazing that the adversary doesn’t want me to participate in 😉


Ok, so SHOUT OUT to Paul with the USA part of BA. He said – I can have someone else purchase my flight no problem.  This is where my morning has gone. If I could get paid an equivocal amount of money for the amount of time that I have already, continue to, and will invest into this trip – move over Bill Gates!

On another note – you constantly hear that patience helps you love..or something like that..so, to love, you need to be patient – then you can love more. It’s no wonder that we can and need the most patience for the people that we love the most. This exponential concept is somewhat of a conundrum, wouldn’t you say? Take that leap – be patient. Love being patient and patiently love.


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