Contacts (part 4)

Hello faithful reader! Today was a wonderful day – but this entry isn’t about today, sorry 🙂 Am I a stinker? You betcha!  Anyway, today I’d like to talk about the contacts that I’ve made…I’ve briefly touched on it previously, however – today I’d like to focus on 2.

Well – first a shout out to Austin for giving me a suggestion to start a blog – I’d thought about it, but when he asked me I thought…Ok, I’ll do it!

Last weekend, I received two phone calls – one from New York and one from Belfast.  The Belfast call was Rosemond – if you’ve followed my blog, you already know her.  She’s the brains behind the operation, so to speak.  Rosemond was a blast to talk to – we talked about differing cultures, food (fufu and baku – don’t know if the latter is spelled right).  I had e-mailed her about my Grandma’s and Aunt’s concerns (and I can’t say the thought didn’t cross my mind once..or twice!) but, about being kidnapped.  She basically shared an experience about a visitor from the past who was called a “Bulb” because, being so white – she was so “bright”…and I would be a bulb.  She said not to fret because even if someone wanted to kidnap me, all the locals would be so protective because I’m a foreigner, no one would even be able to get close to me.  She made me feel good and I was so excited after talking to her!

The New York call, Nana, well he’d called me to tell me Rosemond was calling me in 15 minutes and he’d call me in 2 hours..well, I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to call him or he was calling, and we talked the next day – Nana was encouraging and completely positive.  Nana and I talked about  – briefly – what to expect.  He thinks it’s a good idea not to tell me to much so that I can experience it myself.  His mom is going to be my host..ess for the duration of my stay.  Nana gave me some suggestions of places to visit and told me “How many times are you going to make it to Ghana – do what you can!” I paraphrased – hope you don’t mind, Nana!  Also, I have orders to try the grilled fish and if I need to take a dip, go to one of the hotels.

Both people are so delightful.  If you want to meet two people who exude love – Nana and Rosemond are the 2 to meet; however, everything I’ve read states Ghana is such a loving country.  I can’t help to see a parallel to church – no wonder it’s so accepted over there.  Nana even commented when he saw my profile pic (the Accra, Ghana temple) that he knew that church and they’ve done a lot of good in Ghana.  I’m glad we have a good name 😉 It could have been a difficult trip!

Today, last thing then it’s time to hit the hay, today I was talking to a colleague/friend, Amy.  She has wonderful tips to travelling.  Pack lightly – and pack things with many purposes.  One tip was to take a Sharpie, wrap duct tape around it…she told me one time, she helped fix a brake line in Mongolia! That stuff really DOES suit everything!  She’s under strict orders to pepper me with her wisdom as she remembers it 🙂

Till next time!


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